Chris Jay is a Record Collector, DJ, Podcaster, Presenter and a founder of the Sour Mash Collective. 

As a DJ, Chris continually seeks to bring a freshness and uniqueness to each and every set that he plays. There is so much fruit on the musical tree to pick. This is evident from his consistent and alternative sets aboard the Legendary Boating Club cruises, where he has been a resident for over 20 years. 

If you were to break down his love of soul music, then the categories would lean towards 80’s Funk and Boogie, Jazz Fusion, Acid Jazz, Hip-Hop and anything by Earth, Wind & Fire, Chaka Khan The Jackson’s and Otis Redding. There is a course, a lot of music in between ;o) 

Championing new independent artists in his past and future radio shows and podcasts and working with established artists providing showcase support amongst other services. 

Starting as a mobile DJ in his late teens, he quickly moved from parties to club events with his radio career started at the Caister Soul Weekender, before moving to a slot vacated by Dr Bob Jones on the groundbreaking Soul24-7.com alongside The Collective’s Carl-D and DaveCee,  quickly establishing a strong US fan base following interviews with the likes Eric Roberson, Ledisi, Terry Dexter, Chanel, Marlon Saunders, Sam Bostic, Gary Des Etages, culminating in them being voted DJs of the year.  

Shows on Stomp Radio, Red FM, RamJam as well as syndicated shows on Rhythm Flow, Got Soul and Soulstream Networks. 

Chris took a sabbatical from radio and club DJing shortly after the birth of his son this lasted several years however there was  the one gig that was impossible to give up. . . The Legendary Boating Club cruises which is now in its 25th year and  is still going strong with a mix of a loyal  established following as well as many new attendees at each event – see the events calendar for details of the next event. 

As a record collector – Discogs, Gemm, CD/LP and eBay have been major vices – but he wouldn’t have it any other way!