Be Thankful
Brighton-based producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist J-Felix

Be Thankful

It’s not very often that I show as much love for a cover version as I have for the original but . . . you’ll be hearing a lot of this one!!!

“Be Thankful” is the latest offering from Brighton-based producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist, J-Felix. An up-tempo re-working ( I emphasise that this isn’t a house version!!!) of  William DeVaughn‘s “Be Thankful For What You Got”– featuring the vocal sweetness of Sol Goodman

“Be Thankful” in the current context of COVID-19,  “seems very appropriate for  what we’ve been going through. Having limited access to what we do usually, consuming less and not being able to travel has forced most of us to stop for a minute”  . . . “I am very thankful – I think we are all extremely thankful for our NHS too at the moment, so this one goes out to our national health workers and all key workers staying strong through this. I Salute you!” – J-Felix

“Be Thankful” is out on May 26th via Tru Thoughts Records.

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