Save The Jazz Cafe
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Save The Jazz Cafe

Since launching just over a week ago, the campaign to save the Jazz Cafe is off to strong start with almost 60% of their funding target being met. 

Due to the current lockdown, the Jazz Cafe amongst other music venues has had to close with no current indication of when they may reopen to provide us with our live musical fix and fan worship. 

The initial fundraising target is £186,000 representing the venue’s operating cost monthly costs of £31,000 for a six month  period. Please note that this is not a charitable donation,  you are instead being asked to #payitforward. The amounts being suggested range from a drink at the bar, to meals, right up to gaining full access to all gigs and events for a year once the venue reopens.

Contents Shared from the Jazz Cafe Crowd Funder Page

‘For the first time in 30 years, we have shut our doors with no guarantee of reopening. Just like so many others, we are facing the biggest challenge in our history.

Sadly, without your help, there is now the very real prospect that The Jazz Cafe will not survive.

How has it come to this?

Since closing due to the pandemic, we’ve had absolutely no income. However, we still have outgoings, most significantly rent. Our overheads while we remain closed are £31,000 a month.

We have received no rent relief from our landlord and we do not qualify for a government grant.

Music venues will be one of the last things to return after the virus, and we expect to remain closed for some time, as we head closer and closer to bankruptcy’

If you are able, do what you can, the venue is important to us all!

Further details  . . .

Somewhere on the horizon live music will return, but without your help  The Jazz Cafe may not be a part of it!